New Year, More Wine

Happy 2018!

We are excited to start off the year, fresh and fabulous with new experiences, event themes and much more!

We had a terrific 2017 launching the start of Vine & Vintage and are so appreciative to all our dedicated wine lovers. Thank you for your support, partnerships, collaborations, following, and enthusiasm.

Take a look at what we have been planning and what’s to come this year!

Public Events

Cooking Class & Wine Pairing Experience hosted with Airbnb Experience

Airbnb Experience - A new addition to Airbnb.

Vine & Vintage, partnered with Certified Nutritionist, Shauna Mann to create a series of cooking classes and wine pairing events.

During an interactive, original and hands-on experience, you will be led on a mouthwatering journey exploring different authentic cuisines with complimenting wine pairings. While learning how to create a variety of health-inspired dishes, you will sip your way through some of the world’s most renown wine regions.

 4-course meal
 5 wine pairings

Upcoming Themes:
Viva L’Italia, Classic Comforts & Ferment to Be; Valentine’s Day Special

What did past guests think? Check out their reviews!

“Shauna and Sam put on a great experience. Go alone or with friends, either way, you’ll meet new people, try great wine and enjoy delicious food.”
- Francis

“We had such an awesome time at the Italian Vine & Vintage event! Samantha Krumholz and Shauna Mann were so knowledgeable in their fields and supportive throughout the experience. Definitely a great, unique experience we will be trying again and again!”
- Robert

“I had so much fun at this event. It was great to learn different recipes and test out different wine pairings with the food we created. Very interactive and informative. The coordinators were great and very knowledgeable on the topics! Would definitely recommend.”

New Event Themes

Wine Murder Mystery

“Dance on the edge of mystery” – Alan Cohen

Drink on the edge of mystery, rather. Who doesn’t love a little mystery?... or better yet, a wine murder mystery.

Do you remember the game Clue you might have played as a kid with Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard? Well, we revamped the concept to create our own experience. Except, instead of figuring out the killer, guests get to uncover the wines.

We will leave you in suspense with how the mystery unfolds, but we'll give you a taste of the storyline.
(This is all fictitious and created for the fun of the game)

“You have all won tickets to the 2017 World Wine Premier in Niagara wine country….

As you arrive on the red carpet, the venue manager runs out in a frenzy to make a shocking announcement! Arvid Rosengren was murdered! He was found dead backstage; surrounded in a pool of blood, a corkscrew had been jabbed into his chest….

The top wines need to be uncovered and announced, but how…?

Interested to find out how the mystery unfolds? Let’s connect!
Partake on an unforgettable journey while connecting, learning and having a blast with your guests.

Venue Space

Our motto “a night on the town experience, in the comfort of your own home” provides clients with the luxury to sit back and relax while we bring everything to them to execute a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience.

However, we know that sometimes, there is a want or need to get out of the house so we now have the perfect solution. We offer affordable, aesthetically pleasing and accessible venue spaces for any event, big or small. We still provide the wine, food and fun, just in someone else’s space.

Inquire for pictures, pricing and locations!

Wine Station

Looking for a new twist to ramp up a big event? We have redesigned the mundane routine of bartenders pouring whatever is on tap.

Our wine station offers a unique booth to entertain and interact with guests while you take care of business.

We customize everything to create a special and memorable element that relates to your occasion!

This experience is perfect for weddings, big corporate functions, fundraisers and more.

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We cannot wait for the new year to unravel, meet new people, gain more memories and taste great wine. We are looking forward to creating your wine tasting experience. Come along for the journey!