A New Fun and Original Thing to do in Toronto

“What should we do tonight?”

“How about trying out that new artisan ice cream place that just opened up?”

“Nah, I just went to another one last week”

“What about going for a pint at that brewery we love?”

“There is always a lineup out the door for a table”

“Hmm, what haven’t we tried yet?”

“I don’t know, but I want to try something new or doing something fun! I will look online to see if there are any suggestions”

BlogTO, NARCITY, and Trip Advisor have become some of my go-to searches on Google. I am constantly looking for fun, affordable and exciting things to do in Toronto, that I haven’t yet experienced and it has become an exhaustive game.

Is anyone else in the same boat?

The options I find generally consist of the following:

• Attractions for tourists visiting the city that I have already done/seen many times
• Many of the same type of companies offering similar products
• The price is out of the range of what I can afford
• Tickets are sold out or impossible to get my hands on
• With nice weather still months away, there are limited options this time of year

Do any of these points sound strikingly familiar to anyone else? I do love the city, and with all it has to offer, it has become difficult to choose what will be the best bang for my buck, while keeping it original.

Enter Epic Cooking Classes & Wine Pairing Experiences; food pairing wine cooking events that offer original experiences, perfect for beginner to advanced food & wine lovers!

I didn’t just come into the event planning game as an observer, I came in playing as an experienced participant who is constantly looking for activities and events that offer great value, originality, entertainment and a learning experience I can’t find anywhere else.

Yes, cooking classes do exist all around the city, and yes, this might not seem like a new experience to you, so let me explain why ours are different.


A guaranteed higher valued cooking class.  Most cooking classes range from $80-120 per person (not including alcoholic beverages). Compare that with a Vine & Vintage cooking class & wine pairing experience offering a 5-course meal paired with 5 wine tastings for only $85 per person.


Our experiences offer interactive, social and educational elements for you to connect and learn throughout the evening.


There are always exciting elements happening throughout the night. We incorporate activities, ice breakers and humour into a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you come alone as an individual, a couple, or with a group, everyone leaves with new friends, interesting facts and full bellies!

What more do you need to be convinced? Just in case, click here and read what others have said.

The proof is in the pudding, or rather, the dishes you create and wine you taste! Still need some convincing? Come try out one of our experiences yourself. We guarantee after a night, you won’t be endlessly searching for things to do in Toronto anymore.