Birthday Wine Tasting

birthday wine tasting group photo

A birthday wine tasting experience with Vine and Vintage will change how you feel about making a big deal about your birthday once you  reach a certain age!

If you don't want to make a big deal about your birthday any more, could it be because:

A) You don't want to celebrate turning another year older


B) You have checked off everything on the list for birthday party ideas

birthday cake with wine cork as candle

If you answered A, I am not sure what to tell you, except, don't lose hope? Think of yourself as a bottle of fine wine, getting better and more beautiful with age.

If you answered B, I want to share a recent experience of a birthday wine tasting we created for Kate, Lindsey and their friends. It may spark some interest and give you a way to update that idea list.
birthday dinner table displaying wine glassesI appreciate a client who puts me up to a challenge of creating a personalized wine tasting theme that speaks to them and their world. As a spirited Millennial, Kate informed me that her friends were outgoing and boisterous and wanted to add a little spice to their wine & food pairing experience. Wine Housewives of Toronto, was the theme for we decided on for this birthday wine tasting.

wine housewives of Toronto cartoonHere is how the night unfolded.

It was a classic winter night in Toronto, a snow storm in full swing. Fortunately, Kate's amazing group of friends fought through the snow, relentless Uber drivers that cancelled, and didn't let anything get in their way of celebrating our birthday wine tasting with their friend.
charcuterie spread of gourmet cheese, meat, sushi, seafood, veggies, chocolate, and more
We were prepared and waiting for each guest's arrival with a glass of bubbly and an elaborate charcuterie spread of gourmet cheese, meat, sushi, seafood, veggies, chocolate, and more. From the moment they walked in and saw the event setup, and the joy of being surrounded by friends, their frustration melted and their memory of how unpleasant their evening started, simply faded away. It was thrilling.

picture of 5 served wines

birthday girl blowing out birthday candle

"Words can't describe the incredible job Vine & Vintage did for my birthday celebration. Samantha customized the event for me and paid so much attention to detail. The wine and the food were on point and the interactive experience was perfect for my crowd. The best part was, I didn't have to lift a finger. Thank you for making my birthday one I won't forget."
-Kate Seon, Toronto

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Sweetheart Spumante gift wrapped

We toasted with the Santero 9-5-8 Sweetheart Spumante. A crisp and refreshing prosecco, loaded with fruity character and minerality. I love this sparkling wine as the label on the bottle is always changing to commemorate a certain holiday, yet, the wine inside is always just as delightful. I am sure you guessed this label is for Valentine's Day and has been featured at the front of most LCBO stores for the occasion.

Let's get into our birthday wine tasting theme, Wine Housewives of Toronto, the best part of the night!

housewives of Toronto displayMeet Marilyn Merlot, Polly Pinot, Cheryl Chardonnay, Sally Sauvignon and Candy Carménère, our five wine housewives. In pairs, guests picked a housewife character to be for the evening.

guest reading wine trivia card

Each team was given an envelope that contained a puzzle they would have to piece together throughout the event. During rounds of wine trivia and smelling aroma vials, teams drew puzzle pieces from their envelope if they correctly guessed an answer.

Are you ready for that spice I mentioned before? Below you can view what the puzzle looked like when pieced together. A picture of each birthday girls' significant other was used to tie into the fun (their heads only).
**Please note their faces have been covered to respect their privacy for this blog.

picture of each birthday girls’ significant otherIt was definitely a new experiment for us and a great laugh for the group! The best part was their reaction while putting together the puzzle.

birthday girls playing game

Let's talk about two of the favourite wines of the evening.

2017 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

charcuterie display

As one of the first wines of the night, the New Zealand wine from the Marlborough region was very well liked by the group. What is not to love about a classic Sauvignon Blanc; refreshingly vibrant and intricate, a lovely melody of gooseberry, citrus and melon flavours that is only enhanced alongside the right food pairing. We enjoyed goat cheese, smoked salmon and prosciutto asparagus with this wine.

2015 Adobe Merlot

charcuterie display

From a 100% organic, biodynamic and sustainable winery, Emiliana, this bright ruby red, soft and fruity merlot was a hit. Not only did guests ooh and aah over Emiliana's green philosophy and their approach of organic farming, they admired how the community works as a whole to better their land, themselves and their livelihood. They also appreciated the price point. Even a few who weren't huge merlot fans, really enjoyed this wine. We paired the merlot with gruyere cheese, Montreal smoked beef and walnuts. It was delicious.

Any type of occasion is worth celebrating and making moments to remember. A night like this is what we strive to do at Vine & Vintage. We turn wine tasting into an interactive and entertaining event, a theme into a personalized customization and any experience into a memorable one.

birthday wine tasting group photoHappy Birthday Kate & Lindsey! Hope you enjoyed your birthday wine tasting. May you continue to age as beautifully and perfectly as the best kind of wine.