Wine Station

Wine Station Experience

Our Wine Station provides a new twist and engaging way to ramp up a big event. Vine & Vintage offers a unique wine station to entertain and interact with guests while you take care of business. This experience is perfect for weddings, big corporate functions, fundraisers and more.

What is a Wine Station?
We have redesigned the mundane routine of bartenders pouring whatever is on tap.
We offer a unique booth for guests to try a variety of different wines, while learning an interesting story about each winery. Sensory activities are offered to enhance the tasting experience and we customize everything to create a special and memorable element that relates to your occasion!

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Interactive Experience

This is a 2-hour event hosted by a certified wine expert.

Themed Station

Station hosted by a certified wine expert.

Wines to Taste

Wines are chosen based on a theme – read more below.

Custom Handout

Learn more about the wines that you taste at your event!

Sensory Activities

Interactive sensory activities like trivia, fun facts & aroma scents.

6' Table with Linen

6 Foot Table and Linen Provided

Vine & Vintage takes out the intimidation and makes wine tasting what is should be; inspirational, educational, and most of all, fun. Each experience is tailored specifically to you, whether it be for a bachelorette party, a girls night at home, a tasting before poker with the boys, an employee event, or anytime a group feels like some delicious hand picked food and wine pairings.

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Unique Activity

Not your typical wine tasting. You’ll keep your guests entertained and creating their own learning with our interactive sensory activities, fun facts and trivia. Read More.

Customized Experience

Each event is tailored to you and the needs of your guests. With a personalized focus on your occasion, it will be easy to socialize, celebrate and connect in any environment. Read More.

The Welcome Factor

Whether a beginner or connoisseur, our subtle approach of educating by sharing the story behind each wine takes out the intimidation of learning so you can fully enjoy the experience. Read More.

Affordable & Accessible

Be more confident and innovative when shopping at the LCBO. Each experience offers accessible and affordable wines that will become your new favourite buys! Read More.

Choose a theme or create your own

  • What’s on the Shelf

    The LCBO can be intimidating with the immense selection of wines available. Let’s explore what is on the shelf that intrigues your taste buds and offers good value.
  • Diamond in the Rough

    Journey through under-rated and under-explored regions to discover cheap and cheerful wines that will become your new favourite buys!
  • Wine for the Beer Lover

    Calling all beer drinkers: You can learn to love wine if you simply know what to drink. Let’s chat about and taste wines that share similar characteristics and flavours to your favourite beers and see if you discover a new love affair.
  • Organic, Biodynamic & Sustainable Vineyards

    Let’s hop onto the health train and focus on biodynamic, organic and sustainable wineries and how they make their products while discussing the health benefits of drinking wine.
  • Theme: A Good Story

    Do you ever host or attend a dinner party and need those bottles of wine that will be a complete hit? This package theme investigates the story behind the bottle and the history of the vineyard and winery. Impress your guests with an interesting story and a good conversation starter.
  • Wine Murder Mystery

    Partake on a journey of mystery and intrigue as you uncover a selection of wines through an entertaining and unique game.
  • Build Your Own

    Have a certain theme in mind? Are there certain wines you have always wanted to try? We can cater to all your wine desires!