Wine Glass Setup for Wine Tasting Event

Wine Tasting Party Themes for Hosting Your Next Shindig!

Need some new ideas to make your next dinner party or get together a success?

Here are just three wine tasting party themes to try out.

1) Blind Tasting – Keep your guests guessing with this trendy wine tasting party idea!

1 – As the host, ask each guest to bring a bottle, that way, you can share the cost of the wine. This also allows them to bring something they have been wanting to try or something they love.

2 – Make sure you ask them to have it hidden when they arrive, so none of the other guests sneak a peek!

3 – The easiest (and cheapest) way to keep the bottles a secret, is to use old school brown paper lunch bags. You can find these at any dollar or grocery store.

4 – Separate the whites from reds and number the bags so it’s easier for your guests to keep track. Make sure to start with the white wines.

5 – You should provide paper and a pen so each guest can write down their tasting notes.

6 – Take turns smelling and tasting the wine while sharing opinions and guessing what grape varietal it could be or where it could be from.

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2) Country Theme – Travel the world at your next dinner party without you breaking a sweat!

Each guest gets to contribute to the dinner, while trying to be original and creative. Ask each guest (or couple) what country they would like to focus on.

Their task will be to buy a bottle of wine from that country and cook (or buy) a dish that represents the local cuisine. They might have to do some research, but that is where it gets exciting!

As a tip, it is easier to pick a dish you are able to cook or buy first. Then find a wine to pair.

Bring all your wines and dishes together for a unique and multi-cultural meal to remember!

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3) Price Wars- This wine tasting party idea will be sure to fool and surprise all your guests!

We all wonder what the true difference in price is when comparing wines, so why not try it first-hand.  Half of the wines should be more affordable, every day wines and the rest, increase your budget for more expensive bottles.

Like a blind tasting, you will want to hide each bottle and number them so guests can’t judge by the label or have any other hints on the real price point.

Have everyone taste each wine and rank them on price from low to high, with reasons as to which they preferred and why. At the end of the tasting, reveal the wine bottles and their prices. You might be shocked at what you liked and discover a new price range preference.

These are just 3 wine tasting party themes to make wine tasting fun! Let us know what other wine tasting party ideas you have tried!

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