There is no I in Team, but there is in Wine

Friday, we had a blast creating a unique wine tasting experience for the team at Hearing Excellence in Oakville, Ontario.

As a way to relate the event theme to the company’s mission of supporting those with hearing loss, we planned team building activities structured around a blind tasting while using the 5 senses to connect while learning about wine.

Guests received a wine tasting and food pairing at the end of each activity to celebrate its completion. Not knowing what they were drinking as the label was covered, participants were asked to share opinions of what they smelled, tasted and thought of each wine. Each wine was then revealed as the “seeing” component while stories and background history of each winery was shared.

The icebreaker activity used the sense of touch/feel and encouraged guests to communicate with one another through a round of The Blind Waiter Game. One blindfolded teammate was led and provided instructions by other teammates to uncork a bottle of wine. When the bottle was successfully opened, a second blindfolded teammate was guided to pour two glasses of wine. It was amazing to watch how well the teams communicated and their efficiency of working together. They definitely earned their first wine tasting.


Our next activity was inspired by our sense of taste to gain a better understanding of different sensations experienced whendrinkingwine and where they come from. The skin of a grape was used to understand the drying effects and bitterness of tannin, while a slice of lemon brought awareness of acidity by a mouth-watering sensation. Lastly, a sugar cube was most helpful to gage sweetness and where on the tongue it is detected. It was amusing to see everyone’s facial expressions during this experiment and their reactions when understanding the different sensations.

The sense of smell was tested during the Guess the Aroma game. In teams, participants had to sniff out 4 white wine and 4 red wine aromas that were listed on a sheet. This was a more challenging activity and it was impressive to see how teams communicated and worked together to collectively agree on the answers.

The last activity focused on the sense of hearing as groups had fun sharing fun facts and testing their knowledge using wine trivia cards. This exercise was more relaxed and a good way to add in some fun and amusement to end the afternoon.

Our wine tasting experience was a great way for employees who don’t often see one another to build relationships in an informal and entertaining setting. While focusing on team building skills, communication and respect, the group was able to connect in a fun environment while learning something new. These corporate team building games made for a wonderful afternoon.

Happy Holidays Hearing Excellence!

Try something unique to connect with your employees!