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Ready for an intriguing new twist on the way you entertain, connect or celebrate?

Vine & Vintage has revolutionized the wine tasting experience. We combine learning the story behind each wine with fun and engaging activities. An experience designed to bring you and your group closer together.

Forget the boring small talk, snobby stigma and overwhelming jargon. Our subtle approach of sharing wine knowledge takes out the intimidation so you can fully enjoy the experience while connecting with those around you.

We don’t believe you have to be a connoisseur to know a good wine and encourage guests to share opinions and participate in discovering new food and wine pairings while engaging in our sensory, trivia and fun fact activities.

I just wanted to say thank you again for last night and our wonderful wine tasting experience. My phone was ringing all night with texts coming in from the ladies at the studio with thanks at how fun and interesting the event was. I learned so much and had a great time…and all that on a Monday night!
I’m so glad you’re out there making wine more enjoyable and approachable.
Cheers! (and now I know where it comes from)

-Christine Berube, Oakville


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team build, network & client appreciation

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dinner parties, ladies night & couples rendezvous

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bachelorettes, anniversaries & holidays

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food pairing, catered dinner & cooking classes

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A wine vintage is the year grapes are picked and harvested to create a unique product as a result of a
specific growing season. Good vintages are premium wines with outstanding taste, extraordinary quality,
one-of-a-kind characteristics and memorable to the palate.

At Vine & Vintage, we focus on planning events that mimic a good vintage. We provide originality that is
specified to fit individual preferences. Our wine tastings bring together friends, family or colleagues for any occasion during any season. We value creating unforgettable experiences as much as we value a good bottle of wine!
Samantha, V&V Owner

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Unique Activity

Not your typical wine tasting. You’ll keep your guests entertained and creating their own learning with our interactive sensory activities, fun facts and trivia. Read More.

Customized Experience

Each event is tailored to you and the needs of your guests. With a personalized focus on your occasion, it will be easy to socialize, celebrate and connect in any environment. Read More.

The Welcome Factor

Whether a beginner or connoisseur, our subtle approach of educating by sharing the story behind each wine takes out the intimidation of learning so you can fully enjoy the experience. Read More.

Affordable & Accessible

Be more confident and innovative when shopping at the LCBO. Each experience offers accessible and affordable wines that will become your new favourite buys! Read More.

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